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  • Microcosm - invalid (Microcosm Communications Ltd. ) : MC2060

    3.3-5Volt Laser, LED or VCSEL driver IC

    The MC2060 is a highly integrated, programmable driver intended for high speed fiberoptics based communications. Having 2 parallel output stages, it offers a larger bias & modulation-current range than previously available drivers. It also supports 3.3Volts operation.

    The MC2060 has differential PECL inputs and provides 2 sets of complementary output currents. Bias and the two sets of modulation currents are set by external resistors, and a positive temperature coefficient can also be resistor-programmed. This latter mode being of particular interest where no PIN monitor diode is present. One output stage can be disabled, if less drive current is required. Differential enable inputs provide for Open-Fiber Control. Laser end-of-life, fault and over-power indicators are easily derived from the available pins.

    Technology: 0.8 BiCMOS
    Package: TSSOP 24 Pin

    external WWW: Microcosm Communications Ltd. : web page used to be available at:

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