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    MAZ (Mikroelektronik Anwendungszentrum Hamburg GmbH ) : DAS340

    ATM Switching Element

    The SE DAS 340 is a self-routing switching element. It is ideally suited for use in cost effective distributed switch systems, large switch fabrics and peripherals. The SE DAS 340 provides four input and output byte parallel ATM interfaces for up to 155Mbps. These interfaces can be connected to the MAZ ATM family components, e.g., the Interworking Unit DAS 330, as well as to other manufactors components. All control, monitoring and configuration is done via so called 'ForMe' ATM cells. Any additional control bus interface is not needed. The built-in routing table supports up to 1024 connections.Features are

    • non-blocking operation
    • multi cast and broad cast support
    • On-chip routing table for up to 1024 ATM connections
    • Initialization, configuration and control via ATM cells
    • Remote monitoring and diagnostics via ATM cells
    • Integrated 4x4 switching structure
    • output queue of 10 cells per port
    • separate clocks on all input ports

    Technology: unknown
    Package: CQFP 208 Pin

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