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    AAL1 Video Error Processor

    The CAS 9053 is a single chip integrated circuit that implements most of the functions of the AAL type 1 video at both the transmision and the reception parts. All the protection and correction functions are processed according to the I.363 recommandation. In the emission mode, data is protected using a Reed Solomon (128,124) encoder and a interleaving matrix (128 x 47). A sequence number protected by CRC field and an even parity check bit is added to each group of 47 bytes read from the interleaving matrix to constitute payloads of ATM cells. In the reception mode, the sequence number is used to detect lost and misinserted cells. A deinterleaving matrix (47 x 128) and a Reed Solomon decoder (128,1240 are used to correct bit errors and regenerate lost cells. A microcontroller interface allows the user to get information about the number of lost cells, detected misinserted cells, correct output blocks and uncorrectable output blocks. The autotest and bypass functions and the AAl number of the circuit are user programmable via the microcontroller interface. The circuit uses a single clock. The working frequency can go up to 20 MHz over the temperature range 0 ... 70C.

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