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  • Atecom (ATecoM GmbH ) : ATM-POL1

    UPC Coprocessor

    This component acts as a coprocessor to another ATM component (e.g. ATMTAPI1)providing a header extraction and a cell discarding function for an ATM cell stream interface. The ATMPOL1 is a single chip solution with embedded RAM and has a 10 bit index interface only, one control signal and a microprocessor interface.Furthermore features are

    • allows policing on ATM streams within one cell time
    • policing is done with the 'leaky bucket' algorithm
    • controlling up to 1024 channels
    • easy cascading with the use of special I/O-Pins
    • Generating an OK-out signal within 130 ns running at 25 MHz
    • load state policing allows up to 6 minutes delay between arriving VPI/VCI's for an agreement of 10 MB/s average and 30 MB/s peak within one chip and one bucket.
    • accounting instead of policing is possible

    Technology: unknown
    Package: PLCC 44 Pin

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