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  • IDT (Integrated Device Technology ) : IDT77V400 (SwitchStar)

    1.24 Gbps Switching Memory

    The IDT77V400 Switching Memory provides the cell buffer memory and port interface functionality needed for network switch designs. Its companion controller, the IDT77V500 manages network traffic flow through the Switching Memory and enables the quality of service made possible by ATM. IDT's IDT77V400/500 switching solution delivers 1.24 Gbps performance with high levels of integrated functionality. Utilizing IDT's own Fusion technique, which multiplies the amount of memory integrated on a single chip, the IDT77V400 Switch Memory combines the high speed of SRAM with the economy of a DRAM core. By integrating an 8K cell buffer and eliminating the need for external memory, the IDT77V400 keeps system costs low and offers dramatic board space savings compared to typical switch chip sets. The IDT77V500 Switch Controller further reduces chip count and system cost with the ability to manage more than 8,000 virtual connections without external memory.

    The IDT77V400's innovative data path interface (DPI) gives designers the flexibility to independently configure input and output ports for their own individual switching applications, from eight ports at 155 Mbps to one port at 1.24 Gbps. The use of multiple IDT77V400/500 sets provides an architecture that can be expanded to create larger switching structures, such as increased buffer size or larger port configurations. The IDT77V400 Switching Memory has the ability to process cells as large as 56 bytes in length, offering system designers the additional bytes per cell to optimize flow through the network. System traffic performance can also be enhanced using features offered by the IDT77V500 Switch Controller, including per VC queuing for scheduling fairness, CBR, VBR, UBR and ABR (EFCI) service class support, and multiple congestion management options.

    Technology: unknown
    Package: PQFP 208 Pin

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