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  • IBM (IBM Microelectronics ) : ATM Interface Module

    ATM Interface Module

    Support for the chip includes backpressure handling of input data. It optimizes the scheduling of data to the switch by incorporating three priority-based backpressure queues, each for a different QoS. ATM Interface Module generates a backpressure signal for the Receiver chip, as required.

    A microprocessor interface is provided for control purposes. As the traffic allows, the ATM Interface Module forwards extracted control cells to the card's General Purpose Processor or inserts control cells (with AAL5 segmentation) from the microprocessor.

    Multiple ATM Interface chips can be included to support high-speed/high-performance 16 x 16 Switch-on-a-Chip configurations.

    ATM Interface Module features:

    • CRC 8 calculation and checking
    • Loopback capability on both TPA and switch sides
    • Low (2W) power dissipation

    Technology: unknown
    Package: unknown 0 Pin

    external WWW: IBM Microelectronics : web page used to be available at:

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