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  • Fujitsu (Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe ) : MB86697A

    ATM 155Mbps SAR Device

    The FireStream? 155 MB86697A from Fujitsu is a high performance ATM protocol controller which autonomously terminates ATM Adaptation Layer standard Type 5 (AAL5) and Type 0 (AAL0). Simultaneous segmentation and reassembly can be achieved at an average rate in excess of 155Mbps.

    This device supports autonomous traffic shaping functions based on a calendar algorithm for ABR, VBR, UBR and CBR traffic. Traffic parameters are stored on a per-circuit basis in local memory.


    • Broadband ISDN Adaptation Layer standard Type 5 (AAL5
    • Simultaneous segmentation and reassembly on up to 64K VC
    • ABR, VBR, UBR and CBR traffic classes with traffic management compliant to TM4.
    • Autonomous Resource Management (RM) cell handlin
    • 33MHz 32-bit PCI interface compliant to Revision 2.
    • 8/16-bit, 20-50MHz UTOPIA v2.01 level1and 2 compliant cell stream interface with master/slave mode
    • 32-bit Local memory port connects directly to SRA
    • Flexible routing tag append / remove mode for direct ATM Switch connection

    Information used to be available at: and

    Technology: unknown
    Package: unknown 0 Pin

    external WWW: Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe : web page used to be available at:

    external PDF: Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe : PDF documentation used to be available at:
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