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  • MAZ (Mikroelektronik Anwendungszentrum Hamburg GmbH ) : DAS112

    Inter networking Unit

    The AAL1 Chip Set DAS 112 is designed for transmission of CBR services via ATM based networks. The AAL1 chip Set complies with the ITU-T, I.363 AAL1 standard and consists of Cell Assembler FPGA and Cell Dis-Assembler FPGA. The chip set supports simultaneous segmentation and reassembly on up to 32 ATM virtual channels assigned to Nx64 Kbps E1 time slots. The DAS 112 provides a microprocessor interface for configuration, management and statistics gathering.Features are

    • Segmentation and reassembly of ATM cells assigned to PCM time slots
    • Complies with ITU-T, I.363 AAL1
    • 64Kbps bearer services and Nx64 Kbps circuit emulation of E1
    • Structured (P-Format cells) as well as unstructured data transfer
    • Clock recovery according to SRTS
    • Sequence number and CRC generation and supervision
    • Ring back tone and network congestion tone generation
    • Interface port to external RAM
    • Microprocessor interface for Motorola

    Technology: unknown
    Package: unknown 0 Pin

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