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  • PMC (PMC Sierra Inc. ) : PM73121

    AAL1 Segmentation And Reassembly (SAR)


    • Performs AAL1 Segmentation And Reassembly (SAR) function on either eight T1/E1 links or a single DS3/E3 link.
    • Supports 256 Virtual Channels (VCs).
    • Adheres to the ATM Forum's Circuit Emulation Service (CES) 2.0 (af-vtoa-0078.000) specification and ITU-T Recommendation I363.1 for AAL1.
    • Supports both structured and unstructured data formats selectable on a per-link basis.
    • Supports both T1 and E1 lines selectable on a per-link basis.
    • Supports n x 64 structured data format with Common Channel Signaling (CCS) and Channel Associated Signaling (CAS) configuration options.
    • Supports arbitrary timeslot-to-VC mappings, including alternating timeslots.
    • Provides per-VC data and signalling conditioning in both the transmit and the receive directions.
    • Arbitrates a 16-bit microprocessor interface to two 128K x 8 (12 ns) SRAMs.
    • Supports multicast connections, ATM Monitoring (AMON), Remote Monitoring (RMON), and ATM Circuit Steering (ACS).
    • Supports a glueless interface to the PM4344 TQUAD, PM6344 EQUAD, and PM4351 COMET T1/E1 interface devices.
    • Supports counters as required by ATM Forum CES 2.0 MIB.
    • Pin-compatible with the WAC-021-X.
    • Built-in T1/E1 transmit line clock generation based on received Synchronous Residual Time Stamp (SRTS) values, the received line clock, or a nominal frequency.

    Transmit Cell Interface Features

    • Provides an ATM-layer or PHY-layer 33 MHz UTOPIA Level 2 interface. Both Single PHY (SPHY) and Multi-PHY (MPHY) modes are supported.
    • Provides per-VC transmit queueing with individual partially filled cell length settings.
    • Supports a calendar queue service algorithm that produces minimal Cell Delay Variation (CDV).
    • Generates and transmits SRTS values for unstructured modes.
    • Provides a supervisory transmit buffer for Operations, Administration, and Maintenance (OAM) cells, and for ATM signalling.

    Receive Cell Interface

    • Provides an ATM-layer or PHY-layer 33 MHz UTOPIA Level 2 interface. Both SPHY and MPHY modes are supported.
    • Provides per-VC queues with individual CDV tolerance settings and partially filled cell length settings.
    • Provides per-VC partially filled cell length settings.
    • Provides a multiplexed interface to external receive Phase-Locked Loops (PLLs) for SRTS clock recovery for unstructured modes or adaptive clock recovery.
    • Provides a supervisory receive queue and processor interrupts for OAM cell receptions.
    • Provides sequence number processing in accordance with the "Fast SN Algorithm" as specified in the ITU-T Recommendation I.363.1.

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