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  • Mindspeed (Mindspeed Technologies ) : M27650

    MindController OC-12 ATM Policer

    The M27650 provides ATM layer Usage Parameter Control (UPC), Operations, Administration, and Maintenance (OAM) processing, header translation, and statistics at OC-12 rates. Up to 64K connections are supported. The M27650 is part of the MindController? family of Application Specific Network Processors (ASNPs) that provide flexible, easy to upgrade network solutions.

    The M27650, when used in conjunction with the M27651 ATM Shaper, forms a complete OC-12 ATM-layer solution. It can also be used as a stand-alone device when only policing functions are required. Typical applications include ATM switches, routers, multiservice edge concentrators, DSLAMs and wireless base stations.


    • OC-12 throughput
    • ATM Forum TM 4.0-compliant UPC, with optional Partial Packet Discard on AAL5 channels
    • UPC rates configurable from one cell per second to line rate, with accuracy to within one percent
    • ATM cell header translation
    • I.610-compliant OAM (F4/F5 alarms, loopback, continuity check, activation)
    • Per-PHY and per-connection statistics
    • Supports 64K connections
    • Supports UTOPIA Level I/II ATM cell interfaces
    • Cell insertion and extraction via host

    Technology: CMOS
    Package: unknown 0 Pin

    external PDF:

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