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  • Microcosm - invalid (Microcosm Communications Ltd. ) : MC2045

    Fiberoptic Postamplifier

    The MC2045 is an integrated, high gain limiting amplifierintended for high speed fiberoptics based communications. Normally placed following the photodetector and transimpedance or pre-amplifier,the limiting amplifier provides the necessary gain to give ECLcompatible logic outputs.The MC2045 also includes a programmable signal-leveldetector, allowing the user to set thresholds at which the logicoutputs are enabled. Capable of operating over a wide frequency range,the MC2045 supports many fiberoptic industry standards. It is pin and functionally compatible with the Signetics NE5224/5.

    • Low-cost IC, available as die or in SO16 package.
    • Fabricated in advanced sub-micron BiCMOS process.
    • Wide range of operation; suitable for e.g. 100, 155, 266Mbps applications.
    • Pin-compatible, superior replacement for Signetics SA5224/5
    • Programmable input-signal level detect.
    • Fully differential signals
    • Operates with standard +5Volt or ECL supplies.
    • 3Volts operation option.
    There is now a MC2045-2, which has a sensivity better than 0.8 mV and is compatible with the MC2006.

    Technology: unknown
    Package: unknown 0 Pin

    external WWW: Microcosm Communications Ltd. : web page used to be available at:

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