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  • Microcosm - invalid (Microcosm Communications Ltd. ) : MC2004B


    The MC2004B is a linear transimpedance amplifier manufactured in an advanced sub-micron BiCMOS process. For optimum system performance the MC2004B die should be mounted with a silicon or InGaAs PIN photodetector inside a lensed TO can. However, the MC2004B is also available in a special low-capacitance SO8 package.The MC2004B reverse biases the PIN by approx. 3voltsto optimise the PINs performance. No internal 'Microwave' decouplingcapacitor is required in the TO can. Though intended for data communications, especiallyFDDI and ATM, the MC2004B can also be used for analog transmission. Its low noise and differential output provide forenhanced performance over existing devices.Features include

    • Low-cost IC, available as die or in SO8 package.
    • Fabricated in advanced sub-micron BiCMOS process.
    • 200MHz bandwidth allows wide range of operation;suitable for e.g. 100, 125, 155, 266Mbps.
    • min. -36dBm sensitivity, -7dBm saturation at 155Mbpswhen used with InGaAs PINs.
    • No internal decoupling capacitor required in TOcan applications.
    • 10k ohms single-ended, 20k ohms differential transimpedance.
    • Operates with standard +5Volt or ECL supplies.

    Technology: unknown
    Package: unknown 0 Pin

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