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  • PMC (PMC Sierra Inc. ) : PM 7346

    S/UNI QJET four channel framer/processor

    The PMC PM 7346 S/UNI QJET is a four-channel framer. It can support Frame Relay or PPP traffic at J2, E3 and T3 rates, as well as perform ATM cell processing. It can be independently configured on a per-port-basis. Programming options include an ATM channel device, or as a packet processing interface, providing a four channel solution for J2 Frame Relay, T3 ATM, E3 ATM, E3 Frame Relay, T3 ATM, and/or T3 Frame, Realy. As an ATM PHY layer device, the S/UNI QJET internal framer handles T3, E3 and J3 rates in conjunction with other PLCP-framed or direct cell-mapped ATM processors. In the receive direction, the ATM cell processor performs cell descrampling, HCS error detection, idle cell filtering, and header descrampling, as well as counts both idle and unassigned cells on a one-second basis. It supports a 50-MHz 8- or 16 bit wide UTOPIA Level-2 compliant interface with parity support and multi-PHY controlled signals. For each channel, rate decoupling between the line and the ATM layer device is provided by a four-cell FIFO in both transmit and receive direction .

    The IC is manufactured in 3.3 Volt CMOS Technology.

    Technology: unknown
    Package: SBGA 256 Pin

    external WWW:

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