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  • Zarlink (Zarlink Semiconductor ) : MT90226

    8 Port TC PHY Device

    The MT90225/226 family, are multi-rate transmission convergence (TC) or UNI (User Network Interface) devices that process ATM traffic for transmission over T1/E1, fractional T1/E1 and DSL lines. The MT90225/226 integrates features that optimize flexibility and easy implementation of broadband access equipment. The MT90225/226 is a single chip ATM TC processor and supports up to 16 independent links. The MT90225/226 can be configured to operate in different TDM modes to facilitate the implementation of ATM over T1/E1/DSL at both CPE and Central Office sites. The MT90225/226 and MT90222/223/224 share the same product package and pinout configuration and the MT90225/226 is compliant with the ATM Forum TC/UNI specifications for T1/E1 rates.


    • Unique 8-port single chip ATM TC processor
    • Enables transmission of ATM cells over a group of up to 8 independent T1/E1 or DSL links
    • Multi-rate functionality: Serial Bus interface supports data rates from 0 to 10 Mbps
    • Supports both framed and unframed serial data for DS1 connections
    • Typical Applications
    • Integrated multi-service access platforms
    • Access Multiplexers
    • 3G wireless base-stations

    Technology: 0.25 CMOS
    Package: BGA 384 Pin

    external WWW:

    external PDF: Zarlink Semiconductor : PDF documentation used to be available at:
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